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14 Jun 2012
My job was Emperor, finally moving on to 98 and put on shoes and shoulder, atotal of three-three-equipment, activation attributes, resulting in attacks Capfell 300 points ... A little silent, looked at the other professional, thentake a look at their own career, suddenly found the many internal force of thetransformation of professional equipment are hurting, and other vocational andmany of them added smile cheap diablo 3 gold shot, Damage caps, ask the priests of career do gohard against the road? And set properties in all occupations of the garbage,increased for the diablo 3 gold last property was frozen, I a harmonious ... A pendant to adddozens of points, little effect at all. Equipment without waiting for theprofessional to carry out the weaker, imbalances between the professionalequipment, this is too obvious, and II equipment properties in vocationalsecondary, now turn to three, professional is the complete bottom of theequipment. As one of the main branch of the priests, and have people buy diablo 3 gold say masterhigh output ... Later I wanted to also can hang hanging materials hang hang,fights ... Safety is also the city ...


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